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Innovation Factory is a smart and innovative financial solutions provider. The firm is actively engaged in designing entire financial protocols and ecosystems that will shape the future of digital finances and economy. The founders of Innovation Factory are a group of fintech geniuses from around the globe who have joined hands to bring revolutionary advancements in digital accounting and finance protocols.


Our dedicated researchers and analysts work on the aim to discover loopholes in financial technology and deduce effective solutions.


Innovation Factory houses some of the finest & most experienced developers in the world with expertise in financial tech solutions.


We have a simple and clear cut strategy to operate with full efficiency & bring future proof, innovative solutions.

The need for

fintech solutions

We live in an era of massiva scale technological advancement. With the recent IT industry development, businesses have seen a prominent shift to online platforms. Thereby creating a massive demand for financial tech solutions. From digital payment gateways to advanced digital financial solutions, they need everything. Add to this the arrival of blockchain technology with crypto currencies, the need for innovative digital financial model has never been this high. Innovation Factory has stepped in to provide the solutions and hence create a complete digital financial economic model.

3rd generation blockchain technology

Innovation Factory has successfully developed BFIC Mainnet, a 3rd Generation Blockchain based on the most advanced architecture ever witnessed by the blockchain industry. Our Blockchain model feeds the purpose of speed, security as well as scalability. The Mainnet will be deployed soon to support our upcoming deFi projects.

3rd Generation Blockchain Technology
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decentralized financial solutions

Traditionally, Governments and centralized authorities have had control over the financial industry. We are now moving towards a decentralized world with utmost transparency and minimal central authority. A major chunk of our projects revolve around the decentralization approach. Once deployed, these financial models will continue to operate as is, forever, without any interference or infiltration rists.

decentralized crypto exchange

The future of Finance & Economy is directed towards decentralization. Along with the DeFI & Blockchain solutions, Innovation Factory is working on designing a decentralized exchange (DEX) to allow Spot Trading, NFT Trading & Future Trading. As the NFT & Crypto markets grow their integration, DEX solutions will become a dire need of the industry.

Crypto Exchange
Trade Insured

trade insurance

The digital ecosystem supports all sorts of financial trade while the lack of insurance solutions make it risky. Innovation Factory has developed a Crypto Trade Insurance Platform to help investors & traders in securing their finances and avoiding complete liquidation. The Insurance platform will go live soon.

NFT solutions

NFTs (Non Fungiable Tokens) have gained a massive attention in the blockchain industry. The rapid growth of NFT marketplaces has motivated us to launch our dedicated NFT Gaming & Trading Solutions. Our developers have already design an NFT game that will go live soon along with a DEX to support NFT Trading.

NFT Solutions
Crypto Exchange

crypto commerce

With all those crypto currencies floating here & there from one digital wallet to another, Innovation Factory is coming up with the world’s first Crypto commerce platform. The C-Commerce solution will cater to the online shopping needs of crypto holders & will allow them to make online purchases from 100+ international brands.

crypto bonds

Every digital & financial falls under our scope. Similar to traditional paper currency bonds, Innovation Factory is introducing a unique new platform to issue crypto bonds. The bonds will be digital numbers issued directly on the blockchain and can be utilized for obtaining liquidity or winning crypto prizes.

Crypto Bonds
DApp Smart Contract

DApp & smart contract

Innovation Factory is launching a dedicated platform to offer development solutions to the blockchain industry. This platform will provide technical design & development services for DApps, Smart Contracts or any other blockchain based solutions & services.